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Bird Man of Churchville, PA -- Creator of Designer Birdhouses

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Designing and building birdhouses at BerkArt designs is incredibly rewarding. Our #1 goal is to keep our customers satisfied and surpass their expectations.

The Bird Man of Churchville creates unique designer birdhouses
Bird Man of Churchville, PA
BerkArt design brings your idea to life! We specialize in beautiful handmade creations! Our products are made with100% authentic wood. Our prices are affordable without compromising quality!

The artist plus creator of BerkArt designs is Bill Berkelback. Bill's many talents are extensive and limitless; and, his carpentry skills are undeniable. He also has an innate ability to replicate products just by looking at a picture! Learn more about the many designer birdhouses at Or call us at 267-614-6316 to let us know your

ideas! We guarantee that you will be delighted! #CustomMadeBirdhouses #GetYourDesignerBirdhouses


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