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My Story

While growing up in Philadelphia, I spent my days having fun with my friends. My evenings were spent practicing drawing, painting, crafting, and creating. My passion for art grew. I added photography and woodworking to my artistic talents. When I was 36 years old, I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.

I dreamt of owning my own business one day. In 2015, I founded BerkArt designs. It is located just outside of Philadelphia in Churchville, Pa. My wife Cindy and I live in a charming Victorian home circa 1858. The Carriage house behind the home is my woodshop, the 3rd floor of the residence is my art studio, and the basement is my paint shop.

I always welcome a challenge. My designs have become more moving and personal. I believe that each new design is an opportunity to learn something different and expand my skills in producing high-quality pieces. Reinventing my craft and pushing my abilities to the limit keeps my work fresh and unique.


My wife Cindy and I are huge Bruce Springsteen fans. I adopted the expression "Born in the USA" from Springsteen's iconic album "Born in the USA." 


Feel free to take the time to fully explore my handmade product collection and get a real sense of what I can do and bring to my customers.


So, whether you are browsing, purchasing, or liking my work, BerkArt designs appreciates you.

Thank you for stopping by! 

Bill Berkelback 

Artist at BerkArt designs

Contact Us

I'm always looking for new designs and exciting opportunities to satisfy my customers.

Let's connect.

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